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Our Products :

CCTV And Camera : CP Plus, Zicon, Hikvision.
LCDs : Samsung, LG, Asus, HP, AOC, Acer, Benq.
HDDs : Seagate, WD, Samsung, Hitachi, Trasncend, Iomega, (IDE, SATA, USB. NAS)
CPU/Processor : Intel, AMD
MAIN BOARD : Intel, Asus, Mercury, Gigabyte, Bio Star, (All Type SERVER BOARDS)
RAM : Transcend, Kingstone, Simmtronics, Dynet, A-DATA, Hynix, Samsung, HP, IBM
SMPS (Power Supply) : VIP, I-Ball, Cooler Master, Odyssey, Corsair, Tagan
ODD / FDD : Sony, LG, Samsung (DVD-RW, Blue Ray Internal & External USB)
KeyBoard-Mouse : Logitech, Microsoft, I-Ball, TVS, (Optical, Laser, Cordless, Blue Tooth, Gamers & MM)
CABINETS (Chassis) : VIP, I-Ball, CoolerMaster, Odyssey, Zebronics, TAG, Circle, Chenbro (Gamer & Server)
UPS : APC, PoserSafe, PowerCom, Champion, Numeric.
TV TUNNER CARDS : Umax, Pinnacle, Zebronics, Intex, Odyssey, Tech-com (Internal & External )
PRINTERS (DMP/Ink/Laserjet/Line) : Epson, TVS, Wipro, (Heavy Duty & Passbook Printers) HP, Epson, Canon, Wipro, Zerox, Samsung (Multifunction, Network) Tally-Lipi.
SCANNERS : Umax, HP, Epson, Canon, (Also Avail Business Card Scanner)
PEN / FLASH DRIVE : Transcend, Kingstone, Sandisk, I-Ball, HP, DELL, PNY (4/8/32gb; MP4)
PROJECTORS : Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, Panasonic, Epson, Dell, Benq, LG, Acer (Pocket Device)
SPEAKERS/HEADPHONES : Altec Lancing, JBL, Creative, Logitech, Artis, I-Ball, TAG
NETWORKING : (All Switches, Routers, Modems, Lan Card, Access Point, Print Server, VPN Firewall…)
CAMERA (WEB/DIGITAL) : Logitech, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Canon, Kodak, i-Ball, Odyssey
SOFTWARES : Tally-ERP, Shreelipi, Corel, PhotoShop, Microsoft, QuickHeal, E-Scan, Netprotector…
ACCESSORIES : Laptop Batteries, Adaptors, Cables, Connectors, Cartridges, Tonners, DAT Cartridges
A.M.C.(Annual Maintenance Contract) : We do all IT Hardware and Networking Products of A.M.C.
Laptop : HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Accer, HCL etc.
Desktop : HP, Dell, Lenovo, Accer, HCL etc.